Summarize (Regulatory Summaries)

When forming a country-specific strategy for product development or commercialization or life cycle changes, you need right "Information and Intelligence" and not just "Data". As critical decisions depend on what you provide to your company/teams, this information should not only be accurate but dependable.

With constant regulatory changes globally, keeping track of these and staying on top is a real challenge. In addition to this, the volume of data growing daily mounts additional burden on Regulatory Professionals. Summarize from Vistaar is a collection of pre-compiled regulatory requirements for 140+ countries reviewed manually.

Regulatory Summary reports

Your Benefits, Features with Summarize

Best pricing in the industry guaranteed with flexible (Pay by country, business area, month, year, user) options
Get covered on all regulatory requirements (pre R&D to Life Cycle). View Sample Report of BioPharma or Medical Device
Clear & Concise:Our unique Regulatory Intelligence platform uses advanced technology to provide dependable information that cuts through the complexity and sheer volume of content within the regulatory compliance environment. Depending on the granularity based on your needs, you can utilize intuitive search and interface to review as well as download what you want.
Breadth & Depth:Covers 140+ regulatory bodies from regulated and semi regulated countries. Authentic regulatory summaries retrieved from authority websites and reviewed by experts. Updated frequently, you can be rest assured on the "freshness" of the Intel.
Cost & ROI: Transparent upfront costing options that you can mix/match to fit your needs. Best ROI in the industry, Guaranteed!!

Real-time & vetted Global Requirements. Stay up-to-date. Stay Compliant

Hunt (Health Authority documents repository)

HUNT from Vistaar is "AI driven" to help you do “Contextual” search of our repository consisting of over 1.4M regulations and guidance documents from global health authorities and government regulatory authorities which gets updated daily.

Depending on search engines or Health Authority websites is time consuming. In addition most of regulatory authorities constantly purge older documents making it tough for some of your projects involving wider and deeper regulatory documents. Leverage our AI based search to help you perform quick, insightful searches on thousands of documents.

“Authoritative" Regulatory Documents in ONE place and in ONE search

HUNT understands your queries in natural language and adjusting search results to potentially eliminate hours of browsing through the websites of health agencies or public search engines to get right regulations or guidance documents. Unlike other search engines, HUNT is built with AI-powered (NLP & ML) search capabilities for true regulatory search and requires no additional tuning.

Regulatory Summary reports

Your Features & Benefits with Hunt

Hundreds of Daily updates added to our repository of Million+ documents
Saves time drastically with great accuracy
Intelligent AI based search
All countries in 1 location
Don’t bother saving these large documents and maintaining them

Global Regulatory Guidance/Documents - Updated Daily, Translated and Organized

Advisory Playbooks (Guide for planning Strategies)

Advisory Playbooks acts as your guide or use to verify or as 2nd opinion of your initial plans driving initial probing questions, you can give your needs or plans in simple English. Vistaar by leveraging its AI engine enables you to frame a Regulatory & Clinical strategies by providing what is needed, options, country requirements, forms/checklists, similar competitive product labels, related clinical trials, what other companies are doing in that scenario, and more.

Regulatory Summary reports

Your Benefits with Advisory Playbooks

Cut endless hours of time spent, with no guarantee of finding what you want, on search engines (or blogs or magazines or news letters)
You can know what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to respond
Keeps you gain insight into what proactive steps can be taken
For just few answers you can get entire clinical, product and regulatory intelligence information to plan your strategies in an efficient manner

"Virtual" Advisor. Get Solutions/Options to your Scenarios & Strategy

Regulatory Flowcharts

Some prefer reading the text while others prefer diagrams and flowcharts

Based on your requirement or scenario, select a few options and Vistaar will generate flowcharts dynamically that you can download and share with others as well.

The sample is given below.

Flow chart

Regulatory Pathways - Easy to read, built dynamically based on your Questions

Regbot (Regulatory Summaries)

RegBot with its chat interface gets you information faster for your simpler questions. “Always on”, this chat application saves your time in searching and gets simpler answers faster by using AI techniques at the backend.

Regulatory Summary reports

Answers to your questions, faster & interactively in chat interface