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  Clin Intel (Clinical Trial Insights)

Clinical trials are not a new phenomenon, but their recent trajectory and shifting geographical locations has rendered them an object of inquiry. The increase is a consequence of multiple processes including global regulatory changes, and the overall development in countries which have increased their capacity for new therapies discovery.

Vistaar’s Clin Intel provides access to global clinical research information covering drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, and diagnostics. Clin Intel tool from Vistaar helps global health researchers and Bio-pharmaceutical companies to better understand trial design trends to empower data-driven development and portfolio strategy decisions using insights spanning 750k clinical trials globally.

Clinical Intelligene Software
  • Global clinical research at 1 place and use our AI based search for faster search results
  • Utilize saved time (from annual searches in multiple sites) for strategy and planning
  • Get right clinical study designs to avoid future regulatory authority roadblocks
  • Compare TA and Indication level to position your design
  • Pick right countries and sites to start with to minimize patient recruitment challenges
  • Know what your competition is doing
  • Country-Specific intervention type & category specific data

  Summarize (Regulatory Summaries)

When forming a country-specific strategy for product development or commercialization or life cycle changes, you need right "Information and Intelligence" and not just "Data". As critical decisions depend on what you provide to your company/teams, this information should not only be accurate but dependable.

With constant regulatory changes globally, keeping track of these and staying on top is a real challenge. In addition to this, the volume of data growing daily mounts additional burden on Regulatory Professionals. Summarize from Vistaar is a collection of pre-compiled regulatory requirements for 112 countries reviewed manually.

Regulatory Summary documents

Key Benefits:

  • Best pricing in the industry guaranteed with flexible (Pay by country, by Business area, by month, by year, by user) options
  • Get covered on all regulatory requirements (pre R&D to Life Cycle). View Sample Report of BioPharma or Medical Device

A single comprehensive regulatory requirements database. Regulatory requirements reports enable Pharma, Biotech, Consumer Health and Medical device companies understand and efficiently manage the demanding complexity of the varied regulatory requirements to plan/manage their products in various markets.

These are a big time-saver for you. The module features extensive information on all aspects (pre R&D to Life Cycle data) of Drugs, Biologics, Generics, Medical devices & Diagnostics


Clear & Concise

Our unique Regulatory Intelligence platform uses advanced technology to provide dependable information that cuts through the complexity and sheer volume of content within the regulatory compliance environment. Depending on the granularity based on your needs, you can utilize intuitive search and interface to review as well as download what you want.

Breadth & Depth

Covers 112 regulatory bodies from regulated and semi regulated countries. Authentic regulatory summaries retrieved from authority websites and reviewed by experts. Updated frequently, you can be rest assured on the "freshness" of the Intel.

VISTAAR provides precompiled manually reviewed regulatory summaries spanning advisory, clinical, IRB, market launches, testing standards, submission check lists, fees, labeling, import/export, marketing, safety/PV, life cycle requirements, and many more areas in a granular manner.

Cost & ROI

Transparent upfront costing options that you can mix/match to fit your needs. Best ROI in the industry, Guaranteed!!

  Clin Analytics

Jump directly into our Analytics module where several pre-built dashboards available to give you real-time global clinical studies metrics (by countries, by investigational drug, by design, by sponsor, by intervention and lot more). It also allows you to run “what if” analysis to customize based on your research or clinical questions.

Clinical trials Analytics

  Hunt (Health Authority documents repository)

HUNT from Vistaar is "AI driven" to help you do “Contextual” search of our repository consisting of over 1.2M regulations and guidance documents from global health authorities and government regulatory authorities which gets updated daily.

Depending on search engines or Health Authority websites is time consuming. In addition most of regulatory authorities constantly purge older documents making it tough for some of your projects involving wider and deeper regulatory documents. Leverage our AI based search to help you perform quick, insightful searches on thousands of documents

Regulatory Search Engine

HUNT understands your queries in natural language and adjusting search results to potentially eliminate hours of browsing through the websites of health agencies or public search engines to get right regulations or guidance documents. Unlike other search engines, HUNT is built with AI-powered (NLP & ML) search capabilities for true regulatory search and requires no additional tuning.

Features & Benefits

  • Hundreds of Daily updates added to our repository of Million+ documents
  • Saves time drastically with great accuracy
  • Intelligent AI based search
  • All countries in 1 location
  • Don’t bother saving these large documents and maintaining them

Be sure about the documents. Save your time. Improve your productivity.