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Pharma/Biotech – USA, Europe, Asia and ROW Regulatory News – May 2024

USA EPA, FDA, and USDA Issue Joint Regulatory Plan for Biotechnology In response to President Biden’s Executive Order 14081, “Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable,...

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Consumer Health – USA/Europe/Asia/ROW Regulatory News – May 2024

USA Infant Formula Many infants in the U.S. rely on infant formula for some or all of their nutrition. Ensuring that the youngest and most vulnerable individuals have access to safe and nutritionally...

ConsumerHealth, ConsumerProtection, FoodQuality, FoodRegulations, FoodSafety, FoodSafetyNews, HealthAndSafety, HealthNews, HealthPolicy, HealthRegulations, HealthStandards, May2024, PublicHealth, RegulatoryUpdates, SafetyEfforts

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