Plan and strategize your Product Development well!!

When developing a strategy for either new products or expanding existing products (for new indications or new patient pool), understanding how Health Authorities acted on those types of similar products or similar scenarios can help predict the right pathway.

Also, from a competitive strategy perspective, understand if you are unique or a "me too" among multiple other products will help prioritize the development and funding.

Vistaar is pre-loaded with thousands of approved products (both drugs and devices) for you to compare or benchmark across multiple areas (population focus, indications, safety parameters, and more). Vistaar's exclusive Medical Concepts Comparator leverages the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to highlight differences between labels on a theoretical basis.

You can also download the side-by-side comparisons for your offline analysis or share it with your other cross-functional teams.

Be a complete holistic "intelligence" expert in your company