Label Intel

Whether you are planning a new product development or expanding your current product for new indications or patient population, Knowing “what’s out there” is one of the key initial steps. Label Intel helps you exactly doing that. With 336k approved labels (both drugs and devices) pre-loaded and updated daily, you can search by product or company or indications to find your baseline comparison labels. You can do side-by-side comparisons for effective analysis.

You can compare information such as drug exposure and clinical response variability, mechanisms of drug action, polymorphic drug target, genotype-based dosing, disposition pathways, risk for adverse events, precautions/alerts, drug–drug interactions, contraindications, and nutritional management across the medicines and medicinal products.

Regulatory Summary reports

What You Get?

Database of 371k+ marketed products for you to search
336k labels of approved products
Compare and download more than 15+ products on different parameters side-by-side
Access competitor product portfolio, Identify market gaps & get competitive drug and device labeling intelligence

Search and compare for New Label strategy or compare with competitor products