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How do I sign up and how do I activate free trial account?
To sign up free trial, go to and Click on ‘Try for free’ or simply go to and Sign up. Once you signup you will receive a verification mail to your registered email. Click on the verification link and sign in using the user id and password sent to your mail along with verification mail.
What’s included in my free trial plan? Can I upgrade in the middle?
Please check pricing page Under ‘FREE For one month’ listed are the modules included in Free trial period.
Yes, you can upgrade plans at any time
What is Market Place? How does it work?
Market Place connects regulatory consultants and corporate to post or apply for projects.
For Corporate, Please go to for more details.
For Consultant, Please go to for more details.
How often we are updating country regulations?
Our team of expert professionals will regularly update the country specific regulatory requirements.
What kind of documents are updated in Hunt?
Regulatory guidance documents for clinical trial approval, market authorization, post-authorization approvals and requirements, regulatory procedural guidelines etc.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit card payments. We can also invoice you as an option.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please refer to our cancellation policy on pricing page under Pricing & Plans.
What happens at end of my free trial? Can I extend the trial period?
Free trial account automatically gets suspended at the end of your 30 days trial. Yes, if you just need a bit more time, send us an email to and we can review it
Subscription plans are auto renewed?
Yes, all subscription fees are renewed automatically on a recurring basis until user cancels their subscription (both month and annual plans).
How do I cancel my Subscription?
Please email support at before your renewal date. Please refer to our cancellation policy on pricing page under Pricing & Plans.
For the basic pricing, do we need to pay USD 30 or 38 per month for each user as well as one off costs per country or would the cost just be the cost per country.
To have continuous access to Vistaar, this amount to be paid monthly or annually based on your preference. Annual plan ensures you have access to updated / new details of the countries that you purchased. If you want one off country purchase and don’t need regulatory updates continuously, than you don’t need to opt for Annual plan

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